When will dev1ce return to CS:GO, and why hasn't he been playing lately?

CSGO NEWS | When will dev1ce return to CS:GO, and why hasn’t he been playing lately?

CSGO : The Danish AWPer was absent from Astralis for the most of 2022 to focus on his mental health, but he eventually came back in October and helped the team win four CSGO Major Championships. Part of the community is skeptical that dev1ce will return to the peak performance he showed between 2015 and 2021 since he has spent so much time on the sidelines.

Do you long for the days when dev1ce dominated the professional CS:GO scene? Listed below is what we know about his current situation.

Dev1ce, where have you been?

Concerns about dev1ce’s performance led Astralis to bench him for the team’s first event after he joined, Elisa Masters Espoo. Before Elisa Masters Espoo, Astralis’ director of sports, Kasper Hvidt, claimed the team is focused on “making space for the greatest version of dev1ce we have seen” and that dev1ce is performing well.


Hvidt wasn’t the only one who made an open comment on the shape of dev1ce. The commander of Astralis in-game, gla1ve, has indicated that he has been doing well.

gla1ve said, “We wanted him to play [at Elisa Masters Espoo], and I also believe he’s holding back a little since he has been gone for nine months.” When we travel as often as we do, it’s important to take things slowly at first.

It seems like dev1ce and his team, Astralis, are taking their time getting him ready to play professionally again, which is why he hasn’t participated in any official matches.

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As soon as possible, dev1ce, please return to professional CS:GO competition.
When we will next get to see dev1ce play professionally is currently unknown. As the club has been hesitant to announce when the Danish superstar would be making his comeback, Peter “casle” Ardenskjold, the team’s temporary head coach, has provided some clarity on the topic while Astralis competed at Elisa Masters Espoo in November 2022.

dev1ce CSGO


As casle said to HLTV, the team has been training with him, and things are looking well for when the time is appropriate to unveil the new uniforms. As for when he’ll be able to compete again, I anticipate the next tournament or the beginning of the new year. In due time, we will act. We’ll have to wait and see when in 2023 he really plays (laughs). I’m looking forward to the beginning of the year 2023.

After the Elisa Masters Espoo in February 2022, Astralis will have no further competition commitments until the following year. If Astralis qualifies for the first S-tier tournament of 2023, which would be IEM Katowice in February, Dev1ce might make his comeback then.

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