Which Heroes Are Best and Worst in Diretide 2022?

Which Heroes Are Best and Worst in Diretide 2022?

Diretide 2022 : Now that Diretide has been here for a while, we take a look back at the Halloween event in Dota 2 and rank the heroes from best to worst.

Part II of the 2022 Battle Pass and Diretide have been out for a little over a week, filling the gap left by the conclusion of TI11 and the professional Dota 2 season. The introduction of Diretide and the sweet grind for arcanas has eased the transition into life after The International’s inevitable decline in popularity.

It seems that each time Valve brings back Diretide, they tweak the primary goal but keep the Halloween-themed setting. The taffy wells had to be destroyed the last time the heroes appeared. The heroes of this story simply drop the taffy into the wells and send Roshan to deal with the aftermath.

The most effective heroes may shift depending on the game’s new strategy. Heroes like as the Lone Druid, Nature’s Prophet, Shadow Shaman, and Windranger were excellent options in the most recent version of Diretide (published in 2020) because to their ability to swiftly destroy taffy wells. The (bad) tides have changed, at last! In Diretide 2022, a new group of heroes has emerged as the game’s best. What follows is a list of the top ten and worst ten heroes of Diretide 2022. The outcomes of all Diretide games played between November 9th and 11th are reflected in the statistics and graphics below, which were all pulled directly from Stratz.

Diretide 2022’s Top 10 Most Admirable Heroes

Spectre, Vengeful Spirit, and Wraith King are the best three heroes in Diretide 2022, with the former two having a victory rate of above 60%. The Aghanim’s Scepters have made these heroes excellent. It’s nonstop action and excitement in the Diretide game mode.

Wraith King simply grants everyone an extra 8 seconds of life, which can be used to deposit candy in the well, take candy from the opponents by taking them down, or just get closer to base so that all the candy that drops can be recovered by teammates and none of it goes to the enemy. Spectre with an Aghs can always backup a teammate in a fight, Vengeful Spirit provides an additional hero, which is even more amazing in this format because of the lower respawn time.

In Diretide 2022, heroes with limited cooldown abilities and ranged right clickers fare well. The greater average GPM makes it simpler for heroes to acquire crucial items like the Bloodstone, which grants them an enormous power surge that lasts for the duration of the game. Riki’s rise from the bottom 10 after the first few days to the top 10 heroes is intriguing. I take it things have turned around for the Stealth Assassin. But since since Diretide 2022 came out, Spectre has been around the top.

While Underlord’s great victory percentage cannot be attributed only to Fiend’s Gate, it is possible to utilize this ability to throw a little taffy into the well of the other team when things are tight.

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The worst ten heroes of Diretide 2022

As for the worst heroes of Diretide 2022, they are as follows: Batrider, Broodmother, and Earth Spirit, with Lina and Nature’s Prophet coming up close after. Many of these heroes would have been useful in the original version of Diretide, such the Broodmother, Nature’s Prophet, and Lone Druid for destroying wells and the Treant Protector for restoring their health. This is no longer the case, however, and as a result, these heroes no longer have the greatest influence.

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On a low-creep map like Diretide, Lina’s effect is reduced despite her reputation as a powerful hero. This is because Fiery Soul stacks now need creeps. Nature’s Prophet doesn’t make the most of Teleportation due to the limited area and the fact that players bounce about on their toads. Heroes whose primary tools are those with lengthy cooldowns, such as Flaming Lasso and Overgrowth, will struggle in a high-speed mode.

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The effects of Diretide 2022 are expected to last for quite some time. Since players are only beginning to scratch the surface of this game format, new tactics and heroes will emerge, and this list will inevitably evolve. In a month, GosuGamers will update their list to reflect if the same characters are still the best chance for sweets on Diretide 2022, or if new names have emerged to challenge them.

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